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Hey everyone! I'm Harriet Sugarcookie. I was born in Vietnam, but emigrated to the UK as a young child. I consider myself a Yorkshire lass, although my Yorkshire accent only comes out when I'm back home. I have since lived a very international life, spending years in Rome, Budapest, Los Angeles, as well as my favourite city London.

Although I am now known for her home-made spicy videos, I started my online adventures when my first housemate posted pictures of me on Reddit. These SFW photos snowballed into spicy photos, which led me to camming, starting my own production company, before semi-retiring to my grass-roots home video production. I have also worked in model management, marketing and consulting, as well as guest features at conventions and other events.

My love however will remain the written word. I have written hundreds of articles over the years, mostly hosted on sugarcookie.com before I split ways with the lifestyle magazine. My dream is to be a published author, and I love to read sci-fi and fantasy. I hopes to also restart blogging, hopefully on the very website you are currently reading this.

A true home-body, I enjoy spending time with my pets (two dogs and two cats), reading, cooking, and playing video games. I am partnered on twitch but am on hiatus due to my travelling schedule. I spend a lot of my day replying to fans on DMs on the onlyfans platform, and believe keeping genuine fan connection to be a core reason I have managed to continue my career in the adult industry for almost a decade.

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